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Endsley Brass products offers mouthpieces and accessories for all brass players. In addition to the products listed, we offer special shop services including mouthpiece duplication and the remaking of missing parts on older instruments. Write or call for information regarding your custom needs.
.....Gerald Endsley

Endsley Brass Products & Services

Email gendsley@ecentral.com or call (303)322-8608 for current price quote on all items.

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An Endsley Component Mouthpiece offers the brass player the choice of removable rim and backbore and a variable cup depth. Originally employed by trumpeters pursuing maximum flexibility for piccolo and lead trumpet situations, they have been made for Maurice Andre and David Hickman among others. The hear of the system is the adjustable cup which via threads moves through an enclosing canister. Travel is recorded in thousands of an inch.

Existing mouthpieces of any manufacture can be adapted to the system and these special orders consitute the majority of mouthpieces made. We will be happy to furnish quotes on cutom orders from mouthpieces (or specifications) supplied by the customer.


Endsley Brass provides replica Baroque and Keyed Trumpets on special order.

The instruments above are in natural brass and are furnished with a Morse #1 receiver to accommodate standard mouthpieces. A 50% deposit is required on each at time of order and the balance when the instrument is ready to be shipped. Plating and custom options are available on quote. Average delivery time is one month.


Baroque Trumpet Mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is individually crafted frm a single piece of brass bar and is based on an unmarked English example in our collection. It has a flat rim, and large hemispherical cup with a sharp edge at the entrance to the throat. The backbore has about 1/3 more volume than a standard maodern mouthpiece, and the shank taper is normally constructed to be compatible with the Tilz models. This taper can be adapted to match another mouthpiece within the restrictions imposed by the internal dimensions.

19th Century Styled Cornet Mouthpiece. Copied from an early Levy model, it has a semi-flat rim, a deep conical cup, and moderate backbore. It is supplied with a Morse #1 taper on the shank.


The Endsley Piccolo Leadpipe was developed for the Schilke P54. It has a compound internal taper, is supplied with a trumpet receiver, and will provide both Bb and A tunings. It is rapidly becoming the choice of many players regardless of their brand of instrument. It is desirable to fit the pipe to each instrument in our shop for closest tolerance. Piccolo Leadpipe in brass.


The Brandenburg bell is a small bell which replaces the fourth valve slide of a piccolo trumpet. The fourth valve is then used for the Brandenburg's High concert G's with the bell helping filling out the tone to the normal timbre of the instrument. It has been proven effective on Schilke, Yamaha, and other brands. It is desirable that the bell be fitted to the instrument in our shop for closest tolerance. The bell can also be supplied with a detachable valve tube which allows it to be easily adapted to different model instruments.

Brandenburg Bell in brass with fixed tube
Brandenburg Bell in brass with threaded tube
Plating is available on quote.


The throat gauge provides the drill size of a brass instrument mouthpiece. Because drill sizes in massed produced mouthpieces are often between exact dimensions, the gauge which is constructed to .001 tolerance will reveal this as well. It is constructed of hard aluminum and is supplied with a chart listing drill sizes in both english and metric readings. Because of the large number of drill sizes used for Horn and Tuba, these gauges have every other drill size included. Non-covered sizes can be inferred from those available, and all sizes are included in the chart provided.

Trumpet - sizes #18-#28.
Horn - #s 1-17 (odd sizes only)
Trombone - sizes A-K.
Tuba - sizes L-Z (every other size provided)


The Mute Pads (Silencers). Pictured on the cover, these allow the player to use more air while maintaining a soft dynamic in muted passages. The two varying thicknesses and types of toam may be used separately or together, and can be compressed tightly around a cup or straight to create a practice mute.


In some musical situations, it is desirable to soften the trumpet's tone by using a cornet or flugelhorn mouthpiece, or to have the option of using a tenor trombone mouthpiece on a brass instrument. The Endsley adapters allow this flexibility.

Cornet/ Flugelhorn/Trumpet adapter. This will allow any cornet mouthpiece and a Bach Flugelhorn mouthpiece to be used.

An adapter for a different brand flugelhorn can be supplied at the same price, but may not be compatible with the standard cornet mouthpiece.

Tenor/Bass Trombone adapter.
Other adapters (norn/cornet, etc.) may be constructed on request.


Ordering Instructions

All Endsley products can be included as part of an order placed with Tromba. Orders must be pre-paid with check or VISA. Phone orders with visa are accepted at (303) 322-8608. Please spell name and address and include the complete card number with expiration date when placing phone orders.

Tromba is pleased to offer a complimentary search service for out of print music and used instruments and to offer used items for sale. Call or send a list of materials that you wish to sell or are seeking. You can also use our order form if it is convenient for you.

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