Top 10 Beauty Tricks Just Before Getting on the Stage

3 Mar 2016 DMA Music

Body hair is present because ancient humans needed it to regulate temperature before clothes were invented. Nowadays, body hair has a different purpose. Aside from the ones on top of the head, other body hair elsewhere is unwanted and has to be removed.

There are many products and techniques developed for removing hair and each has advantages and disadvantages. But to the uninitiated or to those who are winging it because it is the norm, no matter what technique is used, there are just things you should never do when removing unwanted hair.

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Don’t do These!

  • Unprepared skin. Before hair is removed skin has to be washed with warm sudsy water to open the pores. This makes the hair easier to remove and cause less damage to the skin surface. Tap lightly to dry before removing hair. Apply aftershave or witch hazel to close the pores after to keep hair follicles from getting inflamed or infected.
  • Loose skin. Aside from chemicals that depilate, one needs to pull the skin away from the direction of hair growth to allow whatever tool (blade, wax, tweezer, etc.) used to remove hair in one swipe. It keeps the skin from being injured in the process and mechanically exposes hair shaft to the ingredient or tool used for removing hair.
  • Hair quantity. Sometimes hair is either too little or too much for a single session of hair removal. Either way, it ends up poorly done and needs to be retouched after a couple of days to get it right. A quarter of an inch to barely an inch long would just be the right length to start trimming them off.
  • Sharing paraphernalia. Tweezers, scissors, wax, or shavers must never be shared with other people. It may be economical or the other person doesn’t mind but since it is used for personal body grooming, don’t share it. Besides, you would know how long a product last and you can replace it before it gets used up or worn out.
  • Getting attached to a specific tool for hair removal means not replacing it even when it has been expired or has become dull or unhinged. Wax and depilatory products have expiry dates while shaving blades and tweezers get worn out after a couple of times. Use only the freshest and newest tool or product.
  • Bad techniques. There is a correct way of executing a proper shave, the right way to wax, the best technique for tweezing, and the suitable depilatory for specific body parts. If you’re exploring which hair removal technique is best for you, read how it is done or watch videos how to go about it before giving it a go.
  • Poor research. If you’re into a specific way of removing unwanted hair, read up on new methods to get it over and done with efficiently. Ask professionals or have somebody demonstrate how they do it.
  • Irregular schedule. Regular grooming is necessary for hair removal to allow hair to be sufficiently long enough to be removed without encouraging ingrown hair to develop. In between treatments, growing hair can be discreetly masked with cosmetics or pieces of clothing.
  • Terrible timing. Removing unwanted hair where time should be allocated and that you won’t feel rushed to get it done and still have enough time left for your bare skin to recover.
  • Amateur treatment. Every now and then, get your unwanted hair treated by professionals in the spa, barber shops, or beauty parlors. Other techniques of hair removal, such as lasers, cannot be done DIY and has to be performed by trained professionals.

Consider Hair Clippers!

We all know that these products are preferred by men. Nowadays, some of our readers stated that using a latest technology cordless clipper to remove your hair may help a lot. We will not dig into this topic in this post but if you are keen on learning reading more, you may check Hair Styler Magazin for further info about clippers and benefits.


Removal of unwanted hair is not just the norm of civilized society. It is also a means of keeping the body groomed as hair has the tendency to harbor sweat, grime, and dust that can promote body odour. Knowing what to avoid will make hair removal a pleasant “me time” affair and not a dreaded chore.

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