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Tips on Hosting Your Own Backyard Concert

22 Apr 2020 DMA Music

With music that touches the soul and the lights dancing harmoniously with it, nothing can add pleasure and enjoyment to teenagers’ life as parties and music concerts do. Whether they are birthdays, graduation, sweet 16 or even occasional, parties all provide young people with exceptional energy and exhilarating feeling. Outdoor parties, though, are much more preferable to those indoor ones, especially if the venue is carefully chosen. Here comes the backyard to take the lead as the most popular places for young adults to throw parties and live concerts. For them, backyards ensure utmost privacy and full convenience.

To add an amazing backyard party, here are some must-do, pre-party tasks and preparations.

  1. Decorations

Hosting Your Own Backyard ConcertThough monochromatic seems chic with a majestic ambiance, colorful and interactive decorations still impress your young guests a great deal.  So, perk up your backyard with some flashy accessories and embellishments. Don’t forget to cover all the visual problems in your backyard. Scratched and rusted fence can be repainted, discolored walls can be covered with posters and dingy corners can be hidden with some plant or flower containers.

  1. Seating corners and furniture

It’s very important to provide your guests with some patio furniture with pillows and cushions that allows them to take a rest and to have warm conversations. To allow enough seating options, throwing some kitchen stools and folding chairs around the yard is also nice. Place the furniture in a way that facilitates a ton of private conversation, away from the loud beat of the music.

  1. Staging and dancing areas

The staging area should be positioned in front of a wall so that the sound can bounce towards the rest of the backyard. This technique allows you to get a clear sound without the need to turn up the volume crazily and annoyingly. It wouldn’t be appropriate if the policemen show up in your backyard, forcing you to turn down the music due to complaints from the neighborhood. On top of that, you must make sure that the dance floor is clear from any obstacles or cables. Make sure that the dance floor is flat and the lawn in leveled out perfectly. I guess it wouldn’t be fun to see your guests tripping and stumbling or even falling off while dancing. One more thing, drinks must be easily accessible for dancers so that they can serve themselves.

  1. Setting up the mood with the suitable lighting

Backyard ConcertWhether you’d like to add an elegant look or whimsical touch to the yard all that you need is to have a good lighting design. Twinkle lights and lanterns are always welcomed as they add a warm atmosphere. You can use some jars with candles inside to lit up corners, walkways and stair steps, and also to add a charming and cheery touch to tables.

  1. Electric sockets and cables

A lot of devices will be plugged in electricity during the party, so you have to correctly distribute several electric sockets almost in every corner of the backyard. You know that your guests will run out of charge. So, It’s very important to provide them with many electric sockets at the seating area. Many guests will need to recharge their gadgets–mobiles, tablets, cameras and the like. But watch out for cables on the ground! You need to avoid possible accidents by clearing up pathways, walkways, the dance floor and the stairs from any cables or extensions.

  1. Fix the lawn

Foot traffic and blazing sun can damage your green carpet. Lawn makeover must be taken into consideration when you decide to have a party in your backyard. First, it’s advisable to apply some fertilizer or herbicides in advance; you can’t imagine how scraggly the grass becomes in a short time. Also, don’t forget to edge the lawn regularly. Get the grass perfectly trimmed before the party. More importantly, and to avoid accidents, leveling a deeply sunken lawn is necessary before throwing any party in your backyard. To fix damaged grass spots, mulch or plant debris must be avoided when topdressing the lawn.

  1. Clean and fix walkways and stair steps:

Using pressure washer a regular broom, cleaning the porch, patio, and any outdoor furniture is what matters. Polish up walkway and stair steps very well. In case of any crumbling surfaces or paths use paver or paver sealer to repair them. It’s necessary indeed to get rid of any pesky spider webs.

  1. Beat the bugs

As they can screw up your part, keeping insects out of drinks and food is extremely necessary. I don’t think you will be happy to see your guests smacking bugs and flies all the time. Therefore, the backyard should be sprayed couple of hours before the party. You can also plug in some fans around the backyard. If you are having a night party, place some citronella candles or light traps to swat mosquitos in specific. In the end, you can stash some non-smelly fog bug repellents in a side basket in case your guests need to use during the party.

  1. Prune Shrubs and Flowers deadheading:

Magnify the visual attraction of your yard by placing some plant containers and green thumb. But you can’t do that if you neglect to prune your plants and flowers. Never forget that deadheading is necessary to improve the health of your flowers and to enhance your backyard appearance.

  1. Weather surprises:

Since weather is uncontrollable, the logic says that you need to be prepared for surprises. In case of unexpected rain, outdoor pergolas, awnings, and tents are excellent solutions. However, tents must be staked securely so as not to be affected by the wind. You need also to secure tablecloths from getting blown by the wind; people would feel annoyed if their conversation got interrupted by a cup or plate flown away and splashed up everywhere.

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