Studio Comfort – Massage, Yes You Deserve This!

29 Jul 2016 DMA Music

massageMany things including daily job routines tend to overwhelm us, causing some anxiety and need for comfort. Staying in the office from morning to evening for five days is not an easy thing, and you will likely seek for some soothing. Like any other job, studio tasks are also tedious because musicians must practice before actual recording. So, what is the best alternative way to find comfort and relieve back pains?

Some people may choose to drink some herbal tea, while others prefer stretching the body and then take a shower. Still, not every activity will provide the comfort you need. However, did you know that massage is one of the best methods to find comfort when feeling tired and exhausted? Benefits of massage go beyond ordinary relaxation, and can even help in eliminating particular health problems. Back pains are common ailments that people treat through massage instead of relying entirely on painkillers. Massage therapy has been there for years, and several studies have shown that it improves sleep. Among other migraines including headaches also react to massage therapy.

The doctor prescribed me for a while (until we chose the blood pressure and dose). It perfectly eliminates fear, anxiety and panic. I was afraid to get carried away; therefore, Itook it only in extreme cases. It still lies in the medicine cabinet as first aid;if you take it before bedtime, it allows you to relax and fall asleep;if you take it in the afternoon, it just calms you.In my case, it doesn’t cause drowsinessin the afternoon. I tried to deal with neurosis without pills- sports, proper nutrition, walks and hobbies, but Iplayed myself into a corner. I wish you all recovery and peace.

Apart from the conventional massage we all know, technology has brought more improved ways of doing it. The introduction of massage chairs in the late 1980s was geared towards alleviating stress, back pain, and tension. Due to increased competition among the manufacturers, there are highly effective handheld massagers for musicians in the studios today. If you decided to buy one, you might want to check Keeping fit and well is the desire for many, and actually, they deserve it.

Massage Chairs: Benefits of Massage

Massage chairs are of different models and from various brands. But the most important thing is having an ideal type that can offer what you want. Based on what athletes and trainers say, massage can improve blood flow and reduce accumulation of lactic acid in the body. The chairs have special features including vibrators on the seat to finely tremble your buttocks. Remember they use electric power, and therefore you just sit and do everything at your own comfort. When massage is done regularly, it can also get rid of muscle fatigue.

Apart from increasing muscle exertion, massage chairs can be a solution to most cancer patients. The massage itself not only enhances relaxation but also reduces the effects of cancer treatment. Alongside pains and swellings, cancer patients also experience nausea, depression, and fatigue. These are the symptoms that massage can alleviate by promoting immune strength. In addition to reducing physical pain in the body, massage reduces overall symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Nowadays, people are more interested in things that tend to prevent excessive stress. The society is full of activities that bring depression and even increased heart rate. Whether you are operating a home-based business or a manager at a large organization, experiencing stress has become part of life. Massage can offer a relaxing time to calm your nerves. Don’t forget that high blood pressure can be caused by excessive stress, according to studies. Massage increases parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which counteracts stress response released by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), bringing your body back to normalcy.

Other studies have shown that massage can reduce heart rate, and hence regulate the flow of blood. Higher heart rate than normal means the blood pressure is also higher, and it causes a disorder commonly known as hypertension. This is dangerous as it can lead to bursting of brain capillaries, leading to death or serious complications. Studies show that hypertensive individuals that receive massage sessions regularly experience less stress and depression. Therefore, you can as well improve your wellness by owning a massage chair in your studio.

There are many massage chairs in the market, and you can make use of online directories to find the best model. The internet is full of information, but it is advisable to take time and research thoroughly before buying. Shiatsu and Swedish massage are common techniques that this new technology has tried to achieve. The chairs can be useful especially to those with tight schedules to access massage services since you can have it in the comfort of your place.

Even though the best massage is achieved through a hand touch, these chairs can be ideal alternatives. They are suitable options for those working professionals that sit long hours in offices. Back pains are common problems faced by office workers due to poor sitting posture. Even though most offices use ergonomic chairs, they cannot be 100% perfect. Therefore, massage is essential for such employees that spend 6-8 hours sitting on their office chairs.

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