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PoeJazz-  Poetry & Jazz 
   a class act, unique in the entertainment industry. 
Lou Malandra 
jazz pianist, 
Doug Roche

bass playing of 
Ron Bland

and the 
rich voice 
of a poet, 
Lou Malandra

Lou Malandra Trio - PoeJazz
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Together, the Trio creates the most harmonious compositions of poetry and jazz. " PoeJazz" is the affectionate name the fellas give their work. Malandra sums it all up when introducing these gifted artists, " These gentlemen are jazz, and they call me Poe!."

And then, the Trio glides into a wonderful evening of muse and music. Whether from a lighthearted, Our Honeysuckle Rose, featuring the work of Maya Angelou and Fats Waller, or a Robert Frost/Bill Evans ballad, or the wealth of original compositions by these warmhearted artists, this gifted trio engages the audience with grace and a deep commitment to ensemble and enjoyment.

The Lou Malandra Trio's genius is no accident. Combined this threesome has 75 years of outstanding experience working with the finest artists in poetry and jazz.

Doug Roche plays with such greats as Buddy DeFranco, Red Holloway, Eddie Harris, and Lew Tabakin while performing as house pianist at Denver's internationally acclaimed jazz club, El Chapultepec. Mr. Roche earns the reputation of being one of the most sensitive and articulately skillful pianists playing in the United States.

Ron Bland is an amiable treasure. Ron's playing list includes Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby McFerrin, George Benson, and Eddie Daniels in concert and club venues across America. The jazz industry recognizes Ron as  "one of the most versatile and professional bassists in jazz."

Lou Malandra's voice sounds poetry with the rich experience of an accomplished Jazz/Blues baritone. Lou performs his works in concert with Andrei Voznescensky, one of Russia's great poet laureates, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and as soloist in clubs and concert halls throughout the US and South America.

The Lou Malandra Trio is a class act, unique in the entertainment industry. The Trio has played large outdoor festivals, coffee houses, public schools from elementary through high schools. They have also played several colleges and universities, jazz clubs, private parties and conventions. The Trio gives an upbeat performance that delights all ages and occasions.


 ... Our CD - Out Of Our Silence
Download sample mp3 The Chicago Blues 4.9 MB
Features Malandra's poetry as well as that of Sandburg, T.S. Eliot, SARK, Hughes, Whitman, Kipling, Frost and Angelou. Titles: Out Of Our Silence - My Name - Sidewindin' Jellicle Cats - Our Only Reality - The Chicago Blues - How To Be An Artist - A Prayer For Bruno - The Weary Blues - How To Really Love A Child - A Night of Summer Stars - If - Our Honeysuckle Rose - The Road Less Traveled. 
cd Out Of Our Silencereviews:
"The first time I heard these cats, they were playing in a tough, crowded jazz club. Within the first few moments, everyone was mesmerized. You could hear a pin drop. everyone stopped fraternizing and listened, 'cause these cats are so unique and together in their work. Every syllable, every note, right in the pocket. Their CD, Out of our Silence, is a brilliant union of muse and music." ...Carlos Lando, Program Director, KUVO Jazz Radio

"Jack Kerouac  would be happy to hear the works on this compact disc...One can tell [it] was professionally put together and well thought out. It is well worth our time." ...Larry Hollis, Cadence Jazz Magazine, NYC

"This disc is simply marvelous...The Lou Malandra Trio shows how to really send the message of poejazz home with sublime simplicity." ...LOB, Next Literary Magazine, LA

"Ken Nordine and Jean Shephard made careers out of it. Now Denver has a 90's version. Malandra is an empathic reader of poems, and he writes in an enthusiastic and accessible style." ...Jeff Bradley, the Denver Post

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