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Founded in Denver, Colorado in the 1860s, 
the DMB is the oldest professional concert 
band in the continental United States.

 Gerald Endsley 

G. Endsley

2253 Bellaire St. 
Denver, CO 80207

Phone/Fax:   (303) 322-8608
DMB Conductor Gerald Endsley has been appointed Director of the Metro State College/Community Concert Band.  Comprised of Metropolitan State College students and interested community band enthusiasts, the band has an open enrollment policy and rehearses on Tuesday evenings at the King Center Concert Hall on the Auraria campus.
If you are interested,please contact Mr. Endsley at 303-322-8608 or leave your name phone number and instrument played on the message machine. 

If you would like to make a tax deductable donation to the Denver Municipal Band via credit card or PayPal, please click the button below

Alex Sutherland (sketch)

Alex Sutherland, Founder

The Denver Municipal Band is the oldest professional concert band in the continental United States.

The Denver Municipal Band was founded in the late 1860s by Alex Sutherland, bugler at the "Charge of The Light Brigade." Surviving the ordeal, he settled in Denver where he was active in many of the city's early musical activities. Originally constituted as the GAR Post Band, it performed early municipally funded concerts throughout the 1870s and 80s, changing its name to the Denver Municipal Band in 1891 when it began its continuous history of Denver Municipal Funding.


DMB c.1890

  Denver Municipal Band c. 1890


The Band has always been fully professional. During the early years of the century, it toured the St. Louis and San Francisco expositions and was conducted by major bandsmen including Frederick Innes, trombone soloist for Sousa, and the renowned solo cornetist, Hermann Bellstedt, Jr. (1858-1926). 

In addition to the year round Denver series, the Band broadcast nationally via KOA and the Armed Services Network. The Band was conducted for over forty years by Henry Sachs who also composed prolifically for the ensemble.

Hermann Bellstedt
Hermann Bellstedt



The Denver Municipal Band Today


The Conductor

Gerald Endsley, Director Gerald Endsley, the current conductor of the Band is a native of Denver who first heard the Band in the 1950s. He studied trumpet with Ed Lenicheck, former solo cornetist and conductor, and at the New England Conservatory as well as the University of Colorado. He is a former student of Roger Voisin and Robert Nagel. 

A recognized authority on the history of the trumpet, he has utilized his extensive instrument collection to present lecture recitals at meetings of the National Trumpet Guild and the International Trumpet Symposium. He has performed with the Denver and Colorado Symphony Orchestras, the Denver Center Theatre Company and is additionally active as a music publisher and manufacturer of brass instrument mouthpieces. Mr. Endsley is writing a book about the Band's history which will be published for the Band's millennium series.

DMB 1997

  Denver Municipal Band 1997

Current Activities

The staple of DMB activity remains the "century plus" tradition of summer concerts. Presented in accessible parks settings, these family gatherings are performed by the area's leading professional players, including many principal players of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to the summer series, the Denver Municipal Band is re-establishing the year round activity it enjoyed earlier in the century. In addition to the full forty piece concert band, the DMB family of ensembles includes a 17-piece jazz band, jazz combo, brass band, plus woodwind and brass quintets. These regularly present concerts in schools and community centers.

Arts Street - an art-based youth employment program. ARTS STREET is an art-based youth employment program managed by the Mayor's Office of Art Culture and Film. This summer, seventy-six participants between the ages of 14 and 21 will work in six different visual and performing arts teams for a total of eight weeks. The DMB is proud to have been selected to direct the music component of this exciting inaugural program. Thirteen ARTS STREET participants will perform independently throughout the summer, and as regular guest members of the Denver Municipal Band. For further information as to how you and /or your business can join the ARTS STREET support team, please contact Ms. Stell Yu at Mayor's Office of Art Culture and Film, 303 W. Colfax Ave. Suite 615, Denver, CO 80304, Phone 303-640-2693.


dmbcd.jpgNEW CD
The Band in July, 2000 released a CD entitled "And The Band Plays On," a millenium retrospective. A live outdoor recording of Staiger's Carnival of Venice by former solo trumpeter and conductor, Ed Lenicheck is included along with more recent recordings of Il Guarney, the First Suite of Holst and other selections. Principal Flutist, Pamela Endsley performs the concertino of Chaminade and Principal Trombonist, John Daley performs the Pryor's virtuoso solo, Air Varie. The disc is available for a $25 contribution to the Band's Endowment Fund.

Music Publication

DMB Library Resources
The DMB has an extensive library extending back in to the 19th century. We offer many of these public domain works to other bands around the world. The complete catalog will be available by January 2001, but we welcome individual inquiries at any time.

The Denver Municipal Band is currently working with Tromba Publications to release many selections, both old and new, from its extensive library. Older examples include manuscripts of Bellstedt, Innes, and Sachs, while contemporary editions include works of Normand Lockwood, Max Di Julio, Samuel Lancaster and Jean Berger. A catalog is in preparation, but present inquiries may be directed to the Band at its mailing address at the top of this page.

The Denver Municipal Band HISTORICAL EDITIONS

Tromba Publications is pleased to re-present Special Editions of the Denver Municipal Band. Fuiture editions will include Public Domain reprints from the Band's extensive library as well as first editions of compositions commissioned by the Band. top

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