office chairs in music studio

Studio Comfort – Yes We Love Making Music for Hours!

17 Jun 2016 DMA Music

Most musicians spend more time in the studio rather than staying at home. It only shows what kind of lifestyle that people have these days. And because it is common to work long hours in the offices or studios, it is necessary that people should know how to keep themselves healthy. This is when people should know the effects of sitting in the office to their body. It is as important as choosing the right piano for a pianist or a proper earmuff in a concert.

Is Sitting in the Office Chair for More Than 8 Hours Harmful to Your Body

According to health experts, sitting for long hours in the studio can cause health problems like heart disease, muscle and joint problems, cancer, obesity, and depression. Workers should think of standing once in a while to loosen up their muscles and prevent back pain. If you spend 30 minutes sitting in your chair, then your metabolism will be 90 percent slower. As a result, your body can hardly burn unwanted fats in your body that can cause you to gain more weight.

Another problem that musicians also encounter in the office is back pain may be because of staying hours sitting and not having the right chairs. They are not just displayed in the office but it should provide workers with comfort for them to feel at ease doing their works. The office chair should support the back and the head of the users in order to reduce the stress that these parts receive when sitting. To prevent these health issues, you have to be aware of effective ways on how you can maintain a healthy body even if you have to spend long hours in the office. is the guarantee of the beneficial quality and cost correlation of any treatment. Ambien is an exclusive insomnia medication, which triggers results fast. No side effects or intake outcomes. The properly adjusted dose will improve your ability to fall asleep.

office chairs in music studio

Recommendations for Musicians Who Spend More Than 7 Hours in the Studio

If you are one of those people who feels like their studio is already their second home because of the time that they have to spend working every day, then here are just some recommendations that you have to consider.

  • You have to make sure that you are using the right office chair in your studio. When you are sitting, your back usually receives the most wear and tear so you have to provide it enough support to prevent back pain. You have to choose a chair that you can easily adjust according to your preferences. MyComfyOffice lays emphasis on the height of the chair, the way your hands, thighs, knees, and feet are positioned, and also if you want it to have padding.


  • It is advisable that musicians should spend 2 hours of their working day to stand for them to prevent suffering from various health issues. They can use the phone or arrange papers while standing to loosen up their muscles. It can also be a good idea if standing desks are available in your office to reduce sitting time.


  • Maintaining cleanliness in the studio will always be something that can help workers do their job faster. This will provide them a positive outlook that can lead to greater productivity.


  • Make use of office furniture with vibrant colors. This will make the workplace livelier and can also help in uplifting moods. Boring furniture with blunt colors will just make you feel lazy so as much as possible avoid having these things in your office.


  • You have to expose yourself to daylight lighting even if you are inside the office. This can affect your overall health and also with the way you sleep. Workers who don’t receive enough daylight lighting might experience sleeping problems and daytime dysfunction. When exposed to light, workers can have a better quality of life and restful sleep.


Following the recommendations listed above will not only benefit the workers but also the company. When workers feel comfortable while working, it is expected that they can spend more time doing their tasks and complete them right away. There will be an increase in the productivity of the workers so it is just reasonable the companies should provide them with essential office items of furniture like office chairs and standing desks. You can find the most comfortable ones on Cosy Offices. Aside from that, maintaining a clean surrounding can also help them work properly. They also need daylight lighting for them to keep themselves healthy and away from physical problems. This can help them improve their sleep and live a quality life.

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