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by Kari
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Artspace2000 Award
23 March 2001
Musical Manuscripts of your favorite song or instrumental piece a specialty
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"Piece on Earth" - actual size 30" x 19.5" There are 391 pieces in the window.

For Katherine


Express your individuality in your home or business.

One of a kind musical manuscripts in Stained Glass for every music lover. Set your song into glass. From Bach and Beethoven to pop, rock, country, Gregorian Chant or Pachelbel Canon, these colorful settings will evoke the emotion of the music for generations to come. Immortalize music's universal language for yourself or someone you love.

Denver, Colorado glass artist and musician Kari Epstein sees no limitations to the stained glass medium.

    "A finished window draws the viewer into a three dimensional dream world of tranquil serenity. The challenge and excitement of creating glass art is in making the confines of the glass conform to the imagination."
Surprisingly Affordable Prices start at $75 per square foot. Prices vary according to complexity of design and choice of glass. Gift Certificates can be available for that special birthday, holiday, job promotion or life event. Just contact Kari to request more information about gift certificates.
Chopin Nocturne

"I Pledge Allegiance" actual size 18.5" by 25.5"


I Pledge Allegiance

This patriotic window was commissioned as a wedding gift for composer Ken Davies by his bride. Ken set the Pledge to music. 

Visit Ken's Listening Room to hear an mp3 of this song and more of Ken's music.

cello scroll
Cello Scroll for duPre' - actual size 12" x 8"
July 2nd, 1984 

Dear Mr. Roberts, 

   Miss Jacqueline du Pre' has asked me to write and say how thrilled she was to receive your letter and enclosed photograph of "Cello Scroll.". It is such an unusual idea, and Miss du Pre' would like to thank you and the cellist, Miss Epstein! With Miss du Pre' warmest wishes. 

   Yours sincerely, 
   Sylvia Southcombe 

This window received mention in the UK classical music magazine 
Classic fm Magazine


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Kari Epstein  lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two children. She is an accomplished professional cellist, and holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in cello performance from the University of Oregon.  She is President and Creative Director of Dream On LLC, a company she formed to produce and promote her board game invention, "Hotflash! (The Menopause Game)" © TM. She renews her artistic inspiration at the family cabin in the Rocky Mountains.

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