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Getting the Best Sound Quality in Your Car As a Musician: Car Bass/Tweeter Systems


best sound qualityAs a musician, you have an ear for music that a lot of people don’t have. Subtleties and nuance are not lost on you and quality are incredibly important. Listening to music for the musician is much more than a background soundtrack for whatever activity they are pursuing. For musicians, music IS the activity and they want to hear every element of each song.

Musicians want to hear the full music experience without a lot of hassle – with a quality car audio system, this can be a reality.

Musicians are often the biggest fans of music, listening to a whole wide variety of different types of music, whether for influence or simply in appreciation. It should not be surprising that many musicians invest their money in high quality audio systems for both their home and their car. This allows them to have the best musical experience regardless of where they are.

Home audio systems are a little more straightforward than car audio as there is not as much care that needs to be paid to the installation. With car audio, the stereo is actually installed in the vehicle and requires mechanical changes that require special care if you want things done properly.

car audioCar audio doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to break the bank. A high quality bass tweeter, properly installed, gives the musician a high quality audio system that provides clear, crisp sound, deep bass without reverberation, and does so without breaking the proverbial bank.

There are tons of different bass tweeters on the market today and which works best for you will depend on your preferences and budget.

A tweeter is a small speaker that is more compact than a traditional subwoofer. These are better suited for music that has a lot of higher notes, such as vocals, guitars, etc. A tweeter gives you the ability to really get the most out of the system.

With high quality bass tweeters, you can help round out the sound and create a surround sound effect that really amplifies the quality and effect of the music. You can have multiple tweeters mounted independently in different parts of the car to enhance the surround sound and to provide a full sound experience.

When choosing the right bass tweeters, it is important that you know a little about these systems so as to get a quality model. You will need to know the wattage and output of the tweeters and whether or not your vehicle can provide the best housing for said system.

car subwoofers

It is recommended that you get a trusted brand such as Pioneer or Kenwood — these are time honored brands that deliver the highest quality sound for the money and have a reputation for quality and value. For the musician, a little extra money can go a long way in sound quality and thus experience. You don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality car audio system, you just need to do a little homework and understand where your money is best spent. Check more on Audio Drive

When you are a musician, you want more than a “good enough” sound system. You want a high-quality audio system that gives you a full, vibrant, crisp, and clear listening experience. You want to be able to hear the fullness of the music and all the different, subtle elements that come together to create your favorite songs. With a top of the line bass tweeter, you can get that high-quality surround sound experience in your car. What’s better than cruising down the open road blasting your favorite tunes in clear, crisp sound?

Studio Comfort – Massage, Yes You Deserve This!

massageMany things including daily job routines tend to overwhelm us, causing some anxiety and need for comfort. Staying in the office from morning to evening for five days is not an easy thing, and you will likely seek for some soothing. Like any other job, studio tasks are also tedious because musicians must practice before actual recording. So, what is the best alternative way to find comfort and relieve back pains?

Some people may choose to drink some herbal tea, while others prefer stretching the body and then take a shower. Still, not every activity will provide the comfort you need. However, did you know that massage is one of the best methods to find comfort when feeling tired and exhausted? Benefits of massage go beyond ordinary relaxation, and can even help in eliminating particular health problems. Back pains are common ailments that people treat through massage instead of relying entirely on painkillers. Massage therapy has been there for years, and several studies have shown that it improves sleep. Among other migraines including headaches also react to massage therapy.

Apart from the conventional massage we all know, technology has brought more improved ways of doing it. The introduction of massage chairs in the late 1980s was geared towards alleviating stress, back pain, and tension. Due to increased competition among the manufacturers, there are highly effective handheld massagers for musicians in the studios today. If you decided to buy one, you might want to check Keeping fit and well is the desire for many, and actually, they deserve it.

Massage Chairs: Benefits of Massage

Massage chairs are of different models and from various brands. But the most important thing is having an ideal type that can offer what you want. Based on what athletes and trainers say, massage can improve blood flow and reduce accumulation of lactic acid in the body. The chairs have special features including vibrators on the seat to finely tremble your buttocks. Remember they use electric power, and therefore you just sit and do everything at your own comfort. When massage is done regularly, it can also get rid of muscle fatigue.

Apart from increasing muscle exertion, massage chairs can be a solution to most cancer patients. The massage itself not only enhances relaxation but also reduces the effects of cancer treatment. Alongside pains and swellings, cancer patients also experience nausea, depression, and fatigue. These are the symptoms that massage can alleviate by promoting immune strength. In addition to reducing physical pain in the body, massage reduces overall symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Nowadays, people are more interested in things that tend to prevent excessive stress. The society is full of activities that bring depression and even increased heart rate. Whether you are operating a home-based business or a manager at a large organization, experiencing stress has become part of life. Massage can offer a relaxing time to calm your nerves. Don’t forget that high blood pressure can be caused by excessive stress, according to studies. Massage increases parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which counteracts stress response released by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), bringing your body back to normalcy.

Other studies have shown that massage can reduce heart rate, and hence regulate the flow of blood. Higher heart rate than normal means the blood pressure is also higher, and it causes a disorder commonly known as hypertension. This is dangerous as it can lead to bursting of brain capillaries, leading to death or serious complications. Studies show that hypertensive individuals that receive massage sessions regularly experience less stress and depression. Therefore, you can as well improve your wellness by owning a massage chair in your studio.

There are many massage chairs in the market, and you can make use of online directories to find the best model. The internet is full of information, but it is advisable to take time and research thoroughly before buying. Shiatsu and Swedish massage are common techniques that this new technology has tried to achieve. The chairs can be useful especially to those with tight schedules to access massage services since you can have it in the comfort of your place.

Even though the best massage is achieved through a hand touch, these chairs can be ideal alternatives. They are suitable options for those working professionals that sit long hours in offices. Back pains are common problems faced by office workers due to poor sitting posture. Even though most offices use ergonomic chairs, they cannot be 100% perfect. Therefore, massage is essential for such employees that spend 6-8 hours sitting on their office chairs.

office chairs in music studio

Studio Comfort – Yes We Love Making Music for Hours!

Most musicians spend more time in the studio rather than staying at home. It only shows what kind of lifestyle that people have these days. And because it is common to work long hours in the offices or studios, it is necessary that people should know how to keep themselves healthy. This is when people should know the effects of sitting in the office to their body. It is as important as choosing the right piano for a pianist or a proper earmuff in a concert.

Is Sitting in the Office Chair for More Than 8 Hours Harmful to Your Body

According to health experts, sitting for long hours in the studio can cause health problems like heart disease, muscle and joint problems, cancer, obesity, and depression. Workers should think of standing once in a while to loosen up their muscles and prevent back pain. If you spend 30 minutes sitting in your chair, then your metabolism will be 90 percent slower. As a result, your body can hardly burn unwanted fats in your body that can cause you to gain more weight.

Another problem that musicians also encounter in the office is back pain may be because of staying hours sitting and not having the right chairs. They are not just displayed in the office but it should provide workers with comfort for them to feel at ease doing their works. The office chair should support the back and the head of the users in order to reduce the stress that these parts receive when sitting. To prevent these health issues, you have to be aware of effective ways on how you can maintain a healthy body even if you have to spend long hours in the office.

office chairs in music studio

Recommendations for Musicians Who Spend More Than 7 Hours in the Studio

If you are one of those people who feels like their studio is already their second home because of the time that they have to spend working every day, then here are just some recommendations that you have to consider.

  • You have to make sure that you are using the right office chair in your studio. When you are sitting, your back usually receives the most wear and tear so you have to provide it enough support to prevent back pain. You have to choose a chair that you can easily adjust according to your preferences. MyComfyOffice lays emphasis on the height of the chair, the way your hands, thighs, knees, and feet are positioned, and also if you want it to have padding.


  • It is advisable that musicians should spend 2 hours of their working day to stand for them to prevent suffering from various health issues. They can use the phone or arrange papers while standing to loosen up their muscles. It can also be a good idea if standing desks are available in your office to reduce sitting time.


  • Maintaining cleanliness in the studio will always be something that can help workers do their job faster. This will provide them a positive outlook that can lead to greater productivity.


  • Make use of office furniture with vibrant colors. This will make the workplace livelier and can also help in uplifting moods. Boring furniture with blunt colors will just make you feel lazy so as much as possible avoid having these things in your office.


  • You have to expose yourself to daylight lighting even if you are inside the office. This can affect your overall health and also with the way you sleep. Workers who don’t receive enough daylight lighting might experience sleeping problems and daytime dysfunction. When exposed to light, workers can have a better quality of life and restful sleep.


Following the recommendations listed above will not only benefit the workers but also the company. When workers feel comfortable while working, it is expected that they can spend more time doing their tasks and complete them right away. There will be an increase in the productivity of the workers so it is just reasonable the companies should provide them with essential office items of furniture like office chairs and standing desks. You can find the most comfortable ones on Cosy Offices. Aside from that, maintaining a clean surrounding can also help them work properly. They also need daylight lighting for them to keep themselves healthy and away from physical problems. This can help them improve their sleep and live a quality life.

ear protection for concerts

How Music Concerts Might Damage Your Ears

Most of us love attending music concerts, and it’s a good thing to have fun with friends. However, did you know that loud music in those places can damage your hearing? When you lose hearing, it means your ears cannot function normally like before. The problem might be temporary, and can last for a few hours once you get out of the concert. If you are exposed to excessive loud music severally, it may lead to permanent ear damage!ear protection for concerts

Hearing loss can happen to musicians too, because they attend several functions on weekly basis. Music fans are also likely to suffer from hearing problems due to very loud music. This article will remind you the causes of hearing loss during music concerts, as well as tips to observe while in a concert.

The following are some of the ways you are likely to develop hearing problem when you attend music concerts.

Shouting to be heard

When we speak, we normally hear what we say. That is why you can control the level of loudness as you speak to someone depending on the distance of separation. However, when you reach a point you have to shout so that someone can hear you, probably you are losing hearing ability. This can be as a result of prolonged exposure to loud music while in a concert. In some cases, this is a temporary hearing loss that usually fades away after a few hours.

Tinnitus “ringing in your ears”

This is a condition whereby you feel the ears are occupied with other nonstop noises. You cannot find the source of the noise, making your ears not able to capture sound when someone is talking to you. This is caused by excessive loud music, and several musicians often suffer from this condition. The situation can take several hours before returning to normalcy. However, it might be dangerous if the hearing loss turns to be a permanent situation.

Exposure to daily loud music

If you are addicted to music concerts, probably you are likely to develop a permanent hearing loss unless you put on specific ear protection or earplugs. It can lead to a permanent ear damage, if the hearing mechanisms have been interfered with completely. Some people experiencing such problems might be able to hear only when someone shouts at very close range. Apart from losing hearing ability permanently, tinnitus can also occur. The condition is as disturbing as losing hearing permanently!

Staying close to “ear-damaging” loud music

Obviously, music concerts have ear-damaging music. There is a notion among music lovers that loud music is the only best way to rock during an event. But this does not force anyone stay just next to the speakers, because you might develop hearing loss before or after the concert. You can enjoy music by sitting far from the speakers, that is, if you have to attend every music concert within your area.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss While at Music Concerts?

Some music lovers that must attend concerts attempt to protect their ears using rolled-up tissues and soft pieces of clothes. Unfortunately, these cannot prevent your ears because the noise can easily penetrate. recommends reliable earplugs include Silicone earplugs (Foam) and Custom-fit earplugs usually designed for musicians.

You can also consider the following tips txo help you protect your ears during music concerts;

  • Sit far away from the speakers, about 10 feet is a bit enough
  • Spare your ears by taking breaks after every performance in order to reduce excessive noise exposure
  • You can shift often from one point to another finding a quieter place
  • Avoid shouting to one another, because this is an additional noise to your ears

Top 10 Beauty Tricks Just Before Getting on the Stage

Body hair is present because ancient humans needed it to regulate temperature before clothes were invented. Nowadays, body hair has a different purpose. Aside from the ones on top of the head, other body hair elsewhere is unwanted and has to be removed.

There are many products and techniques developed for removing hair and each has advantages and disadvantages. But to the uninitiated or to those who are winging it because it is the norm, no matter what technique is used, there are just things you should never do when removing unwanted hair.

on stage

Don’t do These!

  • Unprepared skin. Before hair is removed skin has to be washed with warm sudsy water to open the pores. This makes the hair easier to remove and cause less damage to the skin surface. Tap lightly to dry before removing hair. Apply aftershave or witch hazel to close the pores after to keep hair follicles from getting inflamed or infected.
  • Loose skin. Aside from chemicals that depilate, one needs to pull the skin away from the direction of hair growth to allow whatever tool (blade, wax, tweezer, etc.) used to remove hair in one swipe. It keeps the skin from being injured in the process and mechanically exposes hair shaft to the ingredient or tool used for removing hair.
  • Hair quantity. Sometimes hair is either too little or too much for a single session of hair removal. Either way, it ends up poorly done and needs to be retouched after a couple of days to get it right. A quarter of an inch to barely an inch long would just be the right length to start trimming them off.
  • Sharing paraphernalia. Tweezers, scissors, wax, or shavers must never be shared with other people. It may be economical or the other person doesn’t mind but since it is used for personal body grooming, don’t share it. Besides, you would know how long a product last and you can replace it before it gets used up or worn out.
  • Getting attached to a specific tool for hair removal means not replacing it even when it has been expired or has become dull or unhinged. Wax and depilatory products have expiry dates while shaving blades and tweezers get worn out after a couple of times. Use only the freshest and newest tool or product.
  • Bad techniques. There is a correct way of executing a proper shave, the right way to wax, the best technique for tweezing, and the suitable depilatory for specific body parts. If you’re exploring which hair removal technique is best for you, read how it is done or watch videos how to go about it before giving it a go.
  • Poor research. If you’re into a specific way of removing unwanted hair, read up on new methods to get it over and done with efficiently. Ask professionals or have somebody demonstrate how they do it.
  • Irregular schedule. Regular grooming is necessary for hair removal to allow hair to be sufficiently long enough to be removed without encouraging ingrown hair to develop. In between treatments, growing hair can be discreetly masked with cosmetics or pieces of clothing.
  • Terrible timing. Removing unwanted hair where time should be allocated and that you won’t feel rushed to get it done and still have enough time left for your bare skin to recover.
  • Amateur treatment. Every now and then, get your unwanted hair treated by professionals in the spa, barber shops, or beauty parlors. Other techniques of hair removal, such as lasers, cannot be done DIY and has to be performed by trained professionals.

Consider Hair Clippers!

We all know that these products are preferred by men. Nowadays, some of our readers stated that using a latest technology cordless clipper to remove your hair may help a lot. We will not dig into this topic in this post but if you are keen on learning reading more, you may check Hair Styler Magazin for further info about clippers and benefits.


Removal of unwanted hair is not just the norm of civilized society. It is also a means of keeping the body groomed as hair has the tendency to harbor sweat, grime, and dust that can promote body odour. Knowing what to avoid will make hair removal a pleasant “me time” affair and not a dreaded chore.

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styling your hair

How to Shape Your Hairstyle Before the Concert

We all know that flat iron will make your hair straight, so you are using this iron to straighten your hair not curling it, then why are you using a flat iron to curl your hair? When the in the first place its main function is not to curl but make your hair straight. This is the same also with a curling iron, you are buying this type of iron to make your hair curl not to make it straight. But if you don’t have any choice but to use a flat iron, there are some tips on how to use it. Just make sure that you are using the correct flat iron for this purpose because not all flat iron can curl your hair. You have to make sure that the iron that you buy can do the curling thing.

styling your hair

Flat Iron in Curling

This method of curling was used by many women out there who only have a flat iron instead of curling iron. Using your flat iron in curling is also a hit nowadays, but this method can only be possible if you have a flat iron that has rounded edges. By this feature, it will make your curling a lot easier when using a flat iron, and also make sure that if you can choose the right heat temperature for iron so that it will make your hair curl. Here is a great site with lots of information about hair tools.

  • You will need a hairspray, you can use your favorite spray on this. But make sure that your hairspray is a good quality and that, it will not damage your hair.
  • In curling your hair with a flat iron make sure that your hair is dry. If you have a straight hair you can automatically start curling your hair, but if your hair is wavy or curly you need to blowout first your hair with a paddle or round brush.
  • The next is you will section your hair in three layers, but you can still layer it as many as you want. Always work with a 1-inch piece of your hair, do not work with a piece that is larger than your flat iron. Start by doing like what you are doing when you straighten your hair from rFlat-ironoot to the end and then twist your flat iron. Flip your iron so that your hair will be wrapped around your flat iron.
  • Pull your flat iron to make sure that you are keeping it closed. Try pulling outward for a looser curl result and downward for a little bouncy curl look. Pull your flat iron all the way up to the end of your hair, just make sure that your iron is still closed. Continue this process in all of your hair and you will get the curls that you wanted.

Pros and Con’s in Using Flat iron for Curling

  • In using this method, this will make your curls much faster than using a curling iron because you don’t have to hold the iron in place while the curl is setting.
  • You can get much tighter curls if you will pull the iron slowly.
  • In addition, to curl, you can also crimp or wave your hair aside from straightening it. Click to see more hair straightening tips.


  • If you will pull your iron quickly you can’t form a curl.
  • If your hair will slide through the plates you won’t get a spiral like curling.
  • It is very difficult to switch the direction of your curl.


Curling Iron in Curling

Pros:Curling Iron

  • You can get the automatic curling effect with the same diameter and tightness.
  • It is very easy to switch the direction of your curl.
  • It is a very simple technique and you don’t have to worry about a hair sliding.
  • Curling irons are much cheaper than a flat iron.


  • You can only use this to curl your hair, not like flat iron it offers lots of features aside from straightening.
  • You will need a different set of the curling iron to have a different size of curls like loose curls and tight curls.

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The Guide of How to Form a Band

how-to-form-a-bandWhen you talk about creating a band, someone may look at it as a very easy task. However, it has got its challenges. You need to set up a group that meets all your requirements. Otherwise, you may get caught in a continuous cycle of replacing members, trying to get the perfect replacement, and teaching new members songs. That makes your band dysfunctional and frustrating. To save yourself from the above problems, create the best band from the start. Here is how you can do that:

What are your needs?

Before you make a move to look for band players, you need to know what it is that you want from the band. For example, if you have a friend and she plays the drums while you can play the piano, you are not going to go out and look for another pianist. However, your needs also depend on the kind of music you play. If you do not have your needs streamlined, you may end up getting another drummer or a guitarist just because you like the person. Always remember that this band is meant to play at shows as a team. Therefore come up with the musical roles and hire the right people.

Find the people

Now that you are sure of what the band needs, start looking for the people (musicians) to fill up the positions stated. You can get musicians through word of mouth, from your close friends, and through social media. You may also use the internet more so sites that are band and music related.garage-band

Formulate ground rules

When you are starting the band, there is no need to start talking about royalties, holiday packages and the like. This band is still a baby. Therefore, a lot of work needs to go into it even when the returns may seem low for the start. However, there are points you must consider if the band is to make forward movement. These include:

  • What is the schedule for practicing?
  • Where shall the practices be done?
  • Are there any expenses to incur? For example hiring practicing space, how do you intend to meet these costs?

As the band grows, so shall the needs and the costs. Therefore, bare that in mind and make room for it.

Who is the leader?

Most bands have the songwriter as the band boss or the person that formed the group or both of them. How far this ‘boss’ thing goes is entirely up to you; the person that is forming the group. Do you want it in such a way that it is only your songs played? Do you want them played in your style only? Do you want others to give their views?

It is crucial to have one main man more so when the time for booking shows starts and when promoting the band. This boss or main man is the primary contact for the musical group.


Start practicing

Needless to say, the most critical part of forming a band is to play music as a team. When you start playing, you shall be able to find out how well your musical group can work as a team. It is also the time when you find out who is serious and committed and who is not. If your objective is to earn a living out of this band yet the others are here for fun, now is the time when you shall know. If your goals and those of the band members do not connect, then you just have to return to step one instead of pushing your luck.

I wish you all the best in setting up your musical band.


Digital Vs Acoustic Pianos

beginner-keyboardsTechnology changes have brought us the digital pianos. Everyone has their say about these pianos such as they have better sound replication. However musicians and pianists say otherwise. They believe that acoustic pianos are the best. So when picking a piano, shall you take an acoustic piano or digital piano? Consider these when choosing a piano:

Know the different qualities

Digital pianos are electric pianos, and they are made to sound like acoustic pianos. However, they do not have a soundboard or strings. You may find that some digital pianos have springs but not hammers. However, some others have got electronic circuits and speakers. Here are some attributes that may appeal to you:

  • Inbuilt rhythm capabilities that may accompany playing
  • No need to tune it
  • Several piano sounds like organ, harpsichord, etc
  • Headphones for private playing
  • Instrument sounds like percussion, and string
  • Portable
  • Capable of recording performances and interact with other electronic music

What are your needs?

Are you a beginner? Then a digital piano may be what you need. That is because by merely playing lit keys, you can quickly learn how to play a piece. That cuts out the difficult job of having to read music.

digital-vs-acoustic-pianoHowever, once you master the art, you may want to upgrade to an acoustic piano. That is because most digital pianos do not offer tone and touch the way an acoustic piano does. Acoustic pianos also give you the feel, feeling and ability to pass on proper emotion. That is because while acoustic pianos have hammers and strings, digital pianos do not. These strings give the acoustic piano a lot more prevalence when compared to a digital piano. If you are looking for the best digital piano, you might want to check


What do you want in the future?

You need to appreciate the fact that some piano tutors cannot, at a particular level, teach students who have not learned how to use an acoustic piano. Digital pianos are usually unhelpful regarding dynamic performance and technique. You can not practice these skills on a cheap electronic piano and then apply them to an acoustic piano. If you are thinking to form a band check here

Investment value

An acoustic piano can remain useful for over 100 years while a digital piano may become obsolete after not more than five years. Therefore, it goes without saying that an acoustic piano holds its value so well compared to a digital piano.

Technology has enabled piano manufacturers to incorporate as much as possible into digital pianos. That has made them function as well as acoustic pianos if not better.

However, while you may sell a 50-year-old acoustic piano with ease, it may not be the same for a 4-year-old digital piano, more so a poor quality digital piano.

Make informed decisions, always

It is usually not easy for someone to pick a digital piano over an acoustic piano. However, you need to know what is important as a pianist. That is touch and tone. It means that a digital piano that offers you amazing output can not come cheaply. That is because the proper piano action is costly to manufacture. While digital pianos have a short life span, a good quality digital piano can go on for 20 or more years.

I hope the information helps you as you pick out your first piano.


Choosing The Right Musical Instrument For Your Kid

guitar-kidEvery parent desires that their child learns how to play one musical instrument or the other. However, while a parent values music he or she has to put the child in mind when picking an instrument for him or her to learn. Here are some considerations to take:

  1. Age

Not all instruments can be played by all children. Your kid’s age matters when picking an instrument.

  1. 4 – 8 years

The following musical instruments would be ideal:

  • Guitar
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Violin
  • Piano

Let us see whykid-music these instruments best suit this age bracket:

  • String instruments– these are in several sizes. Their size does not affect the notes or finger positions in any way. It only makes the instrument easy to handle depending on one’s arm length. Therefore, if you choose a string instrument, take your baby to a rental place to get the right arm size and the appropriate instrument. There are plenty of violin brands and designs to choose from but the best violin is one that will be a comfortable fit to your young ones.
  • The piano– It is the first and last instrument. The piano keyboard is in a manner similar to a musical staff. Therefore comprehending music, and learning notes become natural and intuitive. Besides that, the child learns how to read the low sound (bass clef) and the high sounds (treble clef). Learning a piano as your child’s first instrument also makes the transition to other instruments easy because he or she is now sure of the language.
  • Woodwind and brass instruments – Children of this age cannot use them yet. That is because they require someone with a better embouchure in their tongue/jaw/mouth/lips and a large body to blow through the instrument tubing. Besides that, they are While a child may be able to lift these musical instruments except a tuba, he or she can not lift it through a rehearsal (lifting and blowing).

However, some children may start with a piccolo before progressing to a flute. That is because a piccolo is half the size of the pipe.

  1. Nine years and beyond

These can play almost anything. They can also join a band at school.

  1. The trumpet-flute-violin-saxophone conspiracy

kid-violinMost children love these instruments because, from a tender age, they have got exposed to them. Some others love them because they know someone that plays one of them.   However, when picking an instrument for your young one, you need to ensure that he or she loves and enjoys the sound that comes from it. It should not be because of peer pressure.

  1. The percussions

Drums and percussion instruments are not the best places to start your child. That is because it is not easy at all to learn how to read and train your ear harmonically and melodically on drums only. My advice is that since a piano is a percussion instrument as well, let your kid learn piano and drums concurrently.

I hope that this guides you very well as you pick an instrument for you little one. However, if you are uncertain about what to get, buy a piano. Your money shall get wisely invested because the skills learned from piano practice are transferable.


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What Are The Types Of Guitars?

acoustic-guitarsThere are several guitars on the market today. Their production gets dictated by people’s needs and technology. Here are some of the guitar types:

Electric Guitars

These guitars are used when playing blues, pop, jazz or rock music. Electric guitars are plugged into amplifiers to produce that loud voice. When amplified, they produce a metallic sound with a long decay. This guitar type has thinner strings when compared to acoustic guitars.

Archtop guitars

These are semi-hollow steel-string guitars. They can be electric or acoustic. Jazz guitarists love them. The difference between electric and acoustic arch top guitars is the additional electromagnetic pots and pickups. You can get them either as thin-line or full bodied guitars.

Acoustic guitars

These are in two types; classical and steel-string (flat top). The difference here is that steel-string acoustic guitars produce a metallic sound that most trendy music styles consider to be unique. On the other hand, classical acoustic guitars utilize nylon strings and have a wide neck. The similarity is that you may use a finger style or plectrum to play any of them. Acoustic guitars produce a deep tone, are great for chordal rhythmic strumming and have got a hollow body. You can check out to pick the best acoustic guitar.



Twelve-string guitars

This guitar is a version of the six string guitar. It has got two sets of strings; the usual six strings plus another six strings that are thinner. The 2nd set of strings each matches the note of its standard string counterpart. The strings are played in the same way as one would a six string guitar because they are in pairs. However, this guitar gives off a brighter and janglier tone. It is important for any chord progressions that require thickening.

Resonator guitars

types-of-guitarsThese are peculiar because they do not have the ordinary sound hole. These guitars have a huge, usually circular plate that hides the resonator cone. This cone is likened to that of an audio loudspeaker, and it is made from spun aluminum. These guitars produce a bright and loud sound and work well for performances in large rooms or open grounds. Country musicians and blues bands love them.

Spanish or classical guitars

Their origins are in Span and were ordinarily used to play classical music. Wood is the main material of this guitar, and it has got a female torso shape and a big yet hollow sound box. In earlier years, this guitar was strung using gut strings. However, nylon strings are now used for they produce a slightly muted, calm and sweet sound. Metal strings are not ideal for this guitar type. It is still ideal for classical music.

Steel guitars

These guitars are from Hawaii, and a player places it horizontally crossways on his or her knees. That is what makes it unique. There are two steel guitars.

The pedal steel guitar has got a mechanical tactic similar to that of a harp. The player uses knee levers and pedals to change the pitch of every string while he or she plays. That provides him or her with the whole chromatic scale.

The lap steel guitar is played using a solid steel bar, and the player puts the neck in a horizontal position.

Being knowledgeable of the several guitar types available is important when learning how to play guitars and before making a purchase.